Chinese Medicine

Discover the Wisdom of Your Body
Awaken to the Power of Qi

Qi (chee) or vital energy flows through the meridians or channels that run on the surface of our bodies. The meridians connect with and support the healthy function of the internal organs and all cells of the body. Qi flows like water in a river and controls the flow of blood to nourish cells. Due to either internal or external forces, imbalances/pain develop which block the flow of Qi. Through the guidance of the principles of Five CrossRoads Acupuncture, hair-thin needles are inserted at the acupuncture Command points to clear the blocks and harmonize the flow of Qi. Treatment is tailored to each person, thus assisting and enhancing our inborn ability to heal physical and emotional imbalances and be open to the Power of Life. You are Wired for Self Healing, for Wellness


Five CrossRoads Acupuncture is Medicine Rooted in the Wisdom of the Ancient Chinese understanding of the Cycle of Life. The Ancient Chinese recognized that the flow of Qi throughout the body is similar to energies that flow through nature during the four seasons. Western science has a modern understanding of the physiology of action and effects of acupuncture in the body. Both views are important in our understanding the health benefits of acupuncture.


Five CrossRoads Acupuncture helps people to heal physical and emotional imbalances/pain by harmonizing the flow of Qi throughout the seasons and during life’s transitions. From a Western perspective, this is accomplished since acupuncture regulates immunity, hormonal secretion, and neuromuscular coordination. In tuning our Qi, we align ourselves with the Rhythms of Nature and tap into the Body’s Wisdom and begin to Navigate the Crossroads to greater Well-Being.

Clears that Stuck Feeling
Releases Stress From Mind and Body
Promotes Circulation of Blood  to Aid Healing
Increases Energy and Feeling of Well-Being

I wrote an article that was published by a science journal in the UK. I write of my 'discovery' of 'reactive points'. These points are quite powerful. Below is the link.

A Practicing Acupuncturist Speaks