Athletes Heal Quickly

I have treated any number of aspiring athletes and weekend warriors for knee, arm and back pain with excellent results. These patients have wonderful blood flow so they heal quickly. If you are looking to run that race again or get back to your daily workout acupuncture will Revive Your Body and get you Back in the Game.   See Cheryl's Testimonial.

Acupuncture Enhances Athletic Performance

“Until now, in the field of sports medicine, acupuncture has been perceived mostly as a modality for treating pain. Thus acupuncture has largely been relegated to the position of supplemental treatment strains and injuries. Beyond its value in the rehabilitation of athletes, however, lately there has been a broader application of acupuncture aimed at improving conditioning and performance. The reputation of acupuncture as a very useful method for pre-game conditioning, as well as for recovery from fatigue, has been spreading among athletes and others involved in sports.

“The truth is that, even for a single condition like low back pain, the effective points will vary for each athlete based on the specific characteristics of the sport, differences in athletic form, and differences in the alignment of the spine. For this reason, individualized treatment is required to attain the best results from acupuncture.”

Sports Acupuncture: The Meridian Test and Its Applications
Dr. Mukaino Yoshito

I use the Meridian Test to find where the body blocks are to either relieve pain or enhance athletic mobility. This leads to greater range of motion and ease in the body thus enhancing athletic performance.