I have been a patient of Mark’s for about a year and a half. I suffer from chronic pain and a chronic illness. I have tried many acupuncturists and treatments over the last five years. Mark has been the first acupuncturist to customize his treatment plans to me and the first acupuncturist I have stayed with. He has been able to combine traditional acupuncture with tailored treatment plans based on my illness. He cares about his patients and is dedicated to providing a treatment plan that is beneficial to them.

Over the last year and a half, his treatments have significantly helped  reduce many of my symptoms and we continue to progress each week.  Also important to note,  acupuncture is not just for people with chronic illness, it can be helpful for treating almost anything ailment or maintaining good health. I have noticed after starting acupuncture regularly, I rarely get cold, before I would get sick more often. I strongly recommend Mark as an acupuncturist, you will not be disappointed! Thanks Mark!


26 Years Old

Philadelphia PA

I decided to write a review for my acupuncture treatments I have been receiving the past few weeks. Long story short, I have a boat load of back injuries. I have tried many treatment options, injections, massage, exercise, therapy, yoga, the whole nine! With my chronic pain, I knew their had to be something else I could do. I was "ify", because I didn't know much about Acupuncture. After my treatments, I feel such a relief! From head to toe. My tight, sore, shooting pains stopped after my first treatment. I feel very relaxed and get the best night sleep. It also helps with my anxiety. My left leg, that I could barely bend over without excruciating pain, is now at ease. I am completely shocked how well these treatments work. Mark is an awesome healer, and really believes in what he does. He has a very friendly environment. He makes you feel comfortable, and explains in detail how acupuncture works. I can see how passionate Mark is when it comes to his work. He truly is here for his patients to help heal in alternative ways that actually work! Thanks Mark!

                                    -Michele Toughill (27 yr.Old)
                                      Philadelphia PA.

Although I did Crossfit for the past few years, I hadn't had any knee issues until I started training for a half marathon.  Once I was running 8-10 miles, my knee hurt so much I couldn't continue.  It caused me to continually stop, walk for a while, and then run until it hurt again.  I did some research and decided it was a classic case of runner's knee.  With my first half marathon just days away, a friend recommended I see Mark.  I never have had acupuncture, but was willing to give it a try.  I had an appointment on a Wednesday evening.  For a change, I actually still had pain when I arrived at Mark's office (unlike most times when I seek medical intervention and whatever was ailing me no longer hurt).  Mark's friendly and gentle nature immediately put me at ease.  He provided information about the history of acupuncture and how/why it worked, and his passion for it was apparent.  As Mark proceeded, he explained  what he was doing and why.  My knee felt pretty good when I left his office, but I really  didn't expect to remain pain-free.  That Sunday, just 4 days later, I ran my first Philly Half Marathon, and was extremely surprised I had no pain. In fact, I have remained pain-free since. I would, and have, recommended Mark to others.


Philadelphia PA